Workshop dedicated to deepen the Bach solo cello Suites.

The style, form and interpretation of this work will be analyzed in a theoretical and practical way by an expert and student of the subject: Sergi Boadella.

 The workshop is open to students can participate directly or attend as listeners.


Teacher: Sergi Boadella

Teacher: Sergi Boadella

A technical and musical approach to D. Popper's 40 studies.

Teacher: Pietro Serafin

There is an imbalance between the knowledge of cell phone technique and body care. The lack of communication between mind, body and instrument hinders interpretive learning and sometimes causes imbalances in the musculoskeletal apparatus (injuries).

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If we have a free body and a clear mind, it will favor the development and daily practice of the cello.

For the action of playing the cello, a complex coordinated mechanism of the mind and body has to be set in motion. Knowing that each part of the body develops its own function (fingers, arms, elbows, shoulders, spine, organs ...) and they are hierarchically interrelated.




Teachers: María Juliá - Isabel Juliá

This workshop will analyze how the cello student's long-term training affects his brain during his learning years. Different strategies will be discussed from the area of knowledge of Neuroscience as well as its implementation.














Phd. Almudena González

Workshop dedicated to the prevention of the Covid-19 situation and the maintenance of your instrument and bow.














Teachers: Carles Clar and Francesc Clar

Luthiers Clar - Clar Fine Violins

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