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CellosMagics is an organization dedicated to promoting and celebrating the music and art of the cello. Our primary focus is to bring together cello musicians from around the world and provide them with opportunities to express themselves, grow, and collaborate in a nurturing environment.



We organize concerts: We present exceptional concerts starring outstanding musicians and cello groups. These concerts offer exciting, high-quality musical experiences for audiences to enjoy.

We encourage collaboration: We organize meetings and workshops where cello musicians can meet, interact and collaborate on joint musical projects. These activities encourage the exchange of ideas, mutual inspiration and the creation of new musical works.

We provide educational opportunities: We offer educational programs such as master classes, lectures and specialized courses for cello students and professionals. These programs are designed to enhance the technical and artistic skills of the participants and foster their musical development.

We promote emerging talent: We organize competitions and awards to highlight and support young cello talents. These competitions provide recognition, exposure, and growth opportunities for outstanding participants.

We contribute to social causes: We organize charity events where the proceeds go to social projects related to music. These events combine a passion for music with the opportunity to make a positive difference in the community.

In short, inCellosMagics we are dedicated to creating a vibrant and nurturing space for cello musicians of all ages and levels, providing opportunities for growth, collaboration, and celebration of music.

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Artistic management:José E. Bouché and Manuel Santapau

Commercial management: José E. Bouché

Marketing and communication: Nuria Gonzalez

Website and graphic design: Manuel Santapau

Academic management: Lydia Asensi and Nuria González

Faculty management: Lydia Asensi and Nuria González


Our sponsors They are of vital importance to the operation and success of CellosMagics. Your financial support and collaboration allows us to carry out our activities and programs, as well as provide meaningful opportunities to cello musicians. 

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